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Vision of the CDI Univerzum is to strengthen the image of a modern adult education centre in Ljubljana Urban Region for formal, non-formal education as well as counselling for lifelong learning of a local population. On the international level we would like to remain visible, professional, innovative house of knowledge. Our activities are based on a high quality level and motivation of the employees with the aim to provide the synergy of all stakeholders. We are creating a supportive and relaxed environment for learners with a support of the latest ICT technology. We sustain our professional work through constant additional training of employees and cooperation in a multiple national and international projects. Learners are offered friendly learning environment, with a wide range of formal and non-formal programs as well as consultancy. Our work is also focused in participation with numerous stakeholders, where we follow the market needs and therefore we cooperate with: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Justice,The National Education Institute of Republic of Slovenia, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, Vocational information and counselling centre, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Employment Service of Slovenia and other economic stakeholders.


CDI Univerzum was established in 1957 as an educational institution. It was establish by the Slovenian government with a purpose to bring the necessary educational skills closer to a people of all ages and therefore fulfil their expectations of lifelong learning. The offer of educational programs have widely developed over the years and today we employ over 10 people of different profiles and cooperate with more than 100 external experts.

We provide wide range of different educational programs:

Formal Education:

Primary School for adults;
Programs at secondary level: nurse – caregiver, retailer, administrator, florist, gardener, chef, waiter, computer technician, early childhood education, business technician, technician of tourism, catering, logistics, horticulture,
A general study program leading to “matura” exam ( equivalent to A – levels)

Non – formal Education:

Short courses for employability;
National Vocational Qualification;
IT programs;
Languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French;
Life skills;
Learning together

Project development in the field of Adult Education:
  1. Centre of life-long learning for Ljubljana Urban Region provides various forms of life-long learning, flexibility and social cohesion as well as easy access to counselling and informal services, in the area of education and learning to all adults with support of information and communication technology.
  2. Literacy and adults basic education with information tehnologies; The project “Lit-Tech” concentrates on a European exchange of best practice to improve basic literacy and numeracy skills of adult learners by use of ICT based didactical approaches.
  3. Educators in adult basic education should be attracted to use ICT based instruments and methods to facilitate formal and informal learning for the special target group.
  4. POKI: Offering a quality education for adults: Evaluation model and development of quality, self-education, setting standards and measures.
  5. Validating the knowledge, skills and competences obtained by adults through non-formal and informal learning
  6. In the project of learning help we offer to adults with self-learning management..
  7. Digital literacy; to obtain skills and increase digital literacy.
  8. The transfer of competences for tutors to achieve business and social competences of female prisoners; The purpose of the project is to transfer best practices of education from Germany (FrauenComputerCentrumBerlin e.V. (FCZB)) to Slovenia and Lithuania (later indirectly also to Croatia). FCZB has over ten years of experiences with the qualification of trainers and the development and implementation of innovative training programes in prisons.
  9. Intergenerational Learning; the purpose of the project is to connect different generations where they would transfer their skills, experiences and visdom, to improve cooperation, and bring together different generations and therefore to improve the transfer of skills.

We are proud to announce our quality work as once again we gain the recognition of the certified symbol POKI in 2014;
For active, passionate and professional approach to integrate people into social environment, we receive commendation from the Ministry of Justice;
Our learners are achieving highest awards in the education – the Golden Graduates.

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